Makro CF-77 Coin Finder – Pro Package


Pro Package comes with the following:
1 – C23 Search Coil
2 – C28 Search Coil
3 – C45 Search Coil
4 – Carry Bag
5 – Battery Box
6 – Battery Box Cover
7 – Headphone

Coil Type: DD Coil
Operating System: VLF
Frequency: 17.5 kHz
Metal Detection: Audio
Ground Setting: Manual
Headphone Output: 1.4″ Mono
Stem Length: 127-152cm (50″-60″)
Battery Life: Max. 30 hours
Weight: 1640 gr (3.5 lb) (58oz)
(C28 Coil Included)

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Configuration details: Makro Coin Finder Pro Metal Detector System with 9″, 11′, 17.5″ Coils. Two year parts and labor warranty. Includes: C23 Search Coil, C28 Search, C45 Search Coil, Philips Head Phone, Carrying bag for All Equipment, 8 pcs. AA Alkaline Batteries, Battery Box with Spiral Cable, Battery Box Cover, Armrest Cover, C23 (9″) – C28 (11″) – C45 (17.5″) Search Coil Covers.


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