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Treasure Hunter's Supply

Treasure Hunter's Supply was established in 2005 by Jerry Hoffmann.  We are dedicated to helping those interested in joining the growing number of people both young and old wanting to recover and explore our past. Advancements in the technology of metal detectors over the years has greatly improved the success rate of recovery of deeper artifacts and coins to the benefit of both novices and pros alike.  Collectively our staff has 70 plus years experience in the use of metal detectors.  We offer the most competitive pricing in the industry and in house training on all metal detectors we sell.

Our Objective:

- To provide the most update product information available on the manufacturers we represent.

- To assist both pro and novice hunters to meet their goals in equipment purchases and hobby objectives. Our customer service is second to none.

Online Resources

Historical Resources

Listed below are useful links to other treasure hunting web sites and forums.



The following are links to local digging and treasure hunting clubs. These clubs are located in the Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio area, as well as northern Kentucky.


Ohio Detectorist Association (ODA)
Dayton Diggers
Tri-State Historical Research and Recovery Association
Northern Kentucky Treasure Hunters Club